I am a Belgian-American web developer located in Newburyport, Massachusetts. I was lucky enough to be born in Massachusetts while my parents were living abroad, but when I was two they decided to move back to Belgium. I lived in Belgium for basically my entire life, but it had been my dream for as long as I can remember to move back to the US. Well, here I am!

I have always been fascinated with how websites function and what goes on behind the scenes, so I pursued a Bachelor's degree in "Toegepaste Informatica" (Applied Informatics) which is similar to a degree in Computer Science. Now that I have learned the skills, I am passionate about creating attractive, high quality, easy to use web applications. I am currently seeking employment and I look forward to utilizing my skills and experience here in the Greater Boston Area.



.NET Developer

(FEB 2016 - AUG 2016)

Full-Time Intern

(OCT 2015 - JAN 2016)

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As a requirement for my school, I worked for a semester as a full-time intern at a .NET consultancy company called Qframe. I was assigned a new project called QWall. This project is an internal web application for Qframe. Qwall consists of 4 areas; It has a dashboard, a workforce list where each employee has its own profile, an assets list and an admin area. This application was built with a C#/.NET back-end and an AngularJS front-end.

After my internship, Qframe hired me as a full-time .NET Developer. I was placed on a project for Tosoh, a global chemical and specialty materials company. At this project I was responsible for the .NET side and the front-end of a WPF application with a SAP back-end. The existing application was a car stock managing tool for drivers delivering medical machinery to their customers. My responsibility was to make sure the application could work offline. So I created an "Outbox" where the changes are stored and when the driver had access to the internet, they could sync their data to SAP.

After that project's completion, I continued working on the QWall project to add more functionalities such as virtual library with a lending and rating system. I also oversaw the new interns working on another area of the project and provided bug fixes over the entire application.


Student Software Developer

(AUG 2011)

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In the summer of 2011 I had a student job at Zetes, a European technology company that produces identification documents for people and products. I was then a self taught C++ developer and I created a C++ class for the encoding and decoding of a machine readable zone (MRZ) data section for identity documents. an MRZ contains the bearer's identity information which is formatted according international rules.

This implementation is currently still being used on identity documents in a number of African countries like Ivory Coast, Senegal, Gambia, etc.



Bachelor Applied Informatics



Bachelor Applied Informatics



High School

Applied Informatics Program




SQL Server


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QWall is the project I started up at my internship for Qframe. It contains a dashboard, a workforce list, an assets list and a admin area.

This project was introduced because Qframe has a lot of information spread out on different applications like Microsoft Word and Excel and in an Access Database. This is why Qframe wanted a central position to store that data. QWall was the perfect solution. Here Qframe can keep track of the information of their employees and assets.

After my internship I was hired as a full-time employee of Qframe and was asked to add more functionalities to the QWall project. I added a virtual library with a lending and rating system so Qframe can keep track of who has which book in their possession and for how long.


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Libralaw is a web development project I worked on during my senior year of college. I was teamed up with another student to create an online portfolio where the papers of senior law students can be uploaded. Law firms are then able to register to the platform to view the portfolios.

We found a PHP open-source project called Mahara that was exactly what we needed. There were a lot of unnecessary functionalities that needed to be trimmed and we needed to implement a few of our own functionalities. We added a CSV managing tool since the website uses CSV files to upload large amounts of data. Originally you were required to log in with a username, but our end user wanted to be able to log in with an email address, so we had to rewrite the code to log in the user via their email address.

We also felt like the look and feel of the application didn't fit our needs so we completely reworked the UI.